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    Can I bring my children to an event?

    Murder 57 allow children to an event above the age of 14 years old. Please be aware that the nature of these events is a murder mystery and it is predominantly adults who attend.

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    How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

    On the Facebook page or through our website - free of charge of course.

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    What is evidence?

    Our evidence are clues to the story which will be displayed at intervals throughout the event to help you in your quest to guess the guilty party.

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    Can I ask questions of the actors?

    Of course- we love it when you do and you might be the one to unearth that vital clue in one of your questions!

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    Is the meal separate to the action?

    No - your evening is entirely interactive and the actors will be amongst you, eating and moving around with the story, giving you a chance to ask more questions.

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    Will the actors sit with us?

    Yes they will and their names are usually placed on the tables - please do not change or modify if at all possible.

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    Is there anything else I should know?

    You should know that it is entirely our purpose and pleasure to entertain you for this event- as with any theatrical performance we request that phones are kept away and your enjoyment can be marred with undue heckling.

The actors do not hold any clues about their person, in their clothing or bags.
Murder 57 hopes you have a fantastic experience and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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