The Plots....

Our repertoire is constantly expanding and currently stands at over 100 original plots; this satisfies both our repeat customers and keeps things fresh for the actors and company. We love to perform our murder mystery plots in all sorts of scenarios and with so many guests coming back to watch our events, it is vital we continue to keep new plots and keep our new and existing audiences guessing.

In murder mystery every show we produce, the characters are realistic and relatable, which instantly adds to the ease of interaction between the guests and our actors. We want our guests to fully submerge themselves in our performances and with all the clues available and the right questions-they will be able to solve the “crime”.

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50 Shades of Murder
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
Dominic Harker is a highly successful businessman. Self-made millionaire and all that. Dom's work takes him all around the world where he hob nobs with celebrities, ... read more
A Christmas Sleighing
Genre : Christmas
Optional Dress Code : Christmas Party Wear
Strawberry Productions are celebrating a hit this Christmas with their cartoon, Kris Mass - The Elf Who Saves Christmas. Kris who along with one of Santa's ... read more
A Darker Shade of Murder
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
You are welcomed here tonight for the official launch of JH Enterprises, headed by the wife of Brendan Hawthorne. Hawthorne Industries previously owned by Brendan ... read more
A Kind Jester
Genre : Spooky
Optional Dress Code : Clowns
Rolo the clown is hosting the 25th annual clown conference and anyone who is anyone in the world of clowning around will be there, along with an array of less refined ... read more
A Spectre Calls
Genre : Spooky
Optional Dress Code : Standard Evening Wear
Tonight is the will reading of Clara Mallender known to all as 'Auntie Clara.' Clara, a widow, died of a heart attack three months ago shortly after her ... read more
A Talent for Murder
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
This evening, you are invited to enjoy the wrap party for the end of the latest series of the highly successful reality show, ‘UK Talent Search’. ... read more
Abigail's Divorce
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
Abigail and James have split – and Abigail is celebrating escaping James’ grip with a huge party, to which you are invited. It might seem spiteful, ... read more
Above Board
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
10 Years ago the nautical soap ABOVE BOARD disappeared from our TV screens. Set on the cruise ship "Pride of the Waves", it told the tale of the ups and ... read more
Ancient Curse
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Egyptian Costume
It is 1929. A new Pharaoh’s tomb has been discovered and many of the artefacts are being brought to England for display. But there is said to be a curse on ... read more
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Jockeys
You are invited to help Karen Appleton - Wood celebrate the continuing success of her racing stables. In light of her successes, Karen is thinking of taking over ... read more
Auld Lang Syne
Genre : 1940s
Optional Dress Code : 1940's Style Outfits
It is 1941. Sarah MacDonald is joining the WRNS and is being posted overseas.  Today is her going away party and everyone is invited to come along and say ... read more
Back Behind Bars
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
John Taylor is currently serving time for the murder of his brother Nathan, a crime which John has always denied. Today he has been allowed out on a special licence ... read more
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