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Our repertoire is constantly expanding and currently stands at over 100 original plots; this satisfies both our repeat customers and keeps things fresh for the actors and company. We love to perform our murder mystery plots in all sorts of scenarios and with so many guests coming back to watch our events, it is vital we continue to keep new plots and keep our new and existing audiences guessing.

In murder mystery every show we produce, the characters are realistic and relatable, which instantly adds to the ease of interaction between the guests and our actors. We want our guests to fully submerge themselves in our performances and with all the clues available and the right questions-they will be able to solve the “crime”.

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Murder, Murder on the Wall
Genre : Christmas
Optional Dress Code : Pantomime Characters
'One Last Chance' is a cable TV Game Show, where members of the public get the opportunity to perform in front of 3 Judges in the hope that they will recommend ... read more
Out With The Old
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : New Year Party Outfits
Tonight, it is New Year’s Eve 1999.  Martin McDonald is hosting a fabulous NYE party.  It’s been an incredibly busy year for his company – ... read more
Parent Teachers Association
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : School Outfits
It is Framely Village School AGM. Due to lack of attendance at the last few AGMs the governors have decided to hold the meeting in conjunction with a dinner. But ... read more
Penny For Guy
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
It’s been a difficult year for public seating manufacturers Benchcorp.  Earlier in the year, a photograph went viral showing Guy, a homeless man sitting ... read more
Pipers Grave
Genre : Spooky
Optional Dress Code : Ghosts, Vampires Etc
MBX-TV, the infamous, sleazy cable TV channel is 5 years old this weekend/evening. Matthew Bradshaw, founder and CEO of the company has thrown a party to celebrate ... read more
Race Against Time
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
Join Grant Johnson as he celebrates his team’s first ever victory in an international Formula Eight race. But is anyone jealous of his success? Who might ... read more
Rubery Deltics Football Club
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Footballers
Join Alan King, self - made millionaire and chairman of Rubery Deltics FC, on an evening to discuss the super stadium he’s proposing to have built. Of course, ... read more
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
This evening Dr. Ian Grove has thrown a dinner to demonstrate his latest invention: An authentic human looking robot called SAM. (Simulated Automated Mechanism). ... read more
Sing When Your Sinning
Genre : 1920s
Optional Dress Code : 1920's Style Outfits
It is 1926. Mable Cartwright is a spinster living in the small village of Killinton, and she often encounters and investigates unusual crimes, much to the annoyance ... read more
Genre : Spooky
Optional Dress Code : Mad Scientist
Michael and Georgina Kettleworth are celebrating their wedding anniversary tonight. Michael is a successful scientist currently engaged in some top secret research, ... read more
Sister Suffragette
Genre : 1910's
Optional Dress Code : 1910's Style Outfits
It’s 1911 and sisters, Joy and Joan are celebrating their birthdays with a joint party! They may be sharing a party, but the sisters couldn’t be ... read more
St Valentine's Day Massacre
Genre : 1920s
Optional Dress Code : 1920's Style Outfits
It is 1929. Jack (Johnny) Johnson runs the 'Starlight Rooms', a lucrative night club. Despite living in Britain Johnny styles himself as a Chicago gang ... read more
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