The Plots....

Our repertoire is constantly expanding and currently stands at over 100 original plots; this satisfies both our repeat customers and keeps things fresh for the actors and company. We love to perform our murder mystery plots in all sorts of scenarios and with so many guests coming back to watch our events, it is vital we continue to keep new plots and keep our new and existing audiences guessing.

In murder mystery every show we produce, the characters are realistic and relatable, which instantly adds to the ease of interaction between the guests and our actors. We want our guests to fully submerge themselves in our performances and with all the clues available and the right questions-they will be able to solve the “crime”.

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The Canal Club
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
The organisers of the Local Narrowboat Association have arranged their annual party and you know it will be good to see so many old and familiar faces, along with ... read more
The Convention
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
‘Planet Patrol’, the cult eighties sci-fi show that had everyone glued to their seats, is holding its annual convention once again. Even after the show ... read more
The Crash
Genre : 1920s
Optional Dress Code : 1920's Style Outfits
It is 1929 and Harry Grimshaw is a self - made millionaire and very successful business man. But this weekend we learn that Wall Street has crashed and Harry could ... read more
The Deal
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
The Deal, a new game show, is being piloted this weekend. All the contestants, their friends and relatives have been invited to stay together at the hotel to get ... read more
The Diplomats
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Dinner Jackets & Ball Gowns
The leader of the small European state of Transcovia has been invited to the UK for a diplomatic reception. The revelation that oil has been found in the tiny country ... read more
The Eyes of Martha Goodfellow
Genre : Spooky
Optional Dress Code : Ghosts, Vampires Etc
You are invited to the annual "Spooks Ball" arranged by the Barton Uppersley Ghost Hunting Society. The society has been searching for evidence about ... read more
The Final Battle
Genre : Medieval
Optional Dress Code : Medieval Costume
It is 1487. The War of The Roses is about to end and we await the outcome of the final battle with trepidation. But who will triumph? And will the vanquished accept ... read more
The Garden Society
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
The Quarryfield Garden Society is holding their annual awards ceremony - slash - dinner with Ben Tilman, Quarryfield’s most famous son and the well - known ... read more
The Golf Club Annual Prize Giving
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Golfers
Tonight we are all at the annual prize giving dinner for the local Golf Club. Piers Spencer the club chairman will be in attendance to present the awards and to ... read more
The Haunting
Genre : Spooky
Optional Dress Code : Ghosts, vampires etc..
The room you are having dinner in tonight is haunted. It is said that an awful murder was committed in the dining room and the victim cannot rest until the bloody ... read more
The Hen Party
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
Alison and Andy are to be married! Alison is hosting her hen party at the hotel this weekend, and we’re all invited. But will Alison’s happiness be ... read more
The Jewellers
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
Join Sir Giles Cordingley, Managing Director of Giles Cordingley Jewellery and Chairman of the Midland Jewelers’ Association, for a peaceful night with his ... read more
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