The Plots....

Our repertoire is constantly expanding and currently stands at over 100 original plots; this satisfies both our repeat customers and keeps things fresh for the actors and company. We love to perform our murder mystery plots in all sorts of scenarios and with so many guests coming back to watch our events, it is vital we continue to keep new plots and keep our new and existing audiences guessing.

In murder mystery every show we produce, the characters are realistic and relatable, which instantly adds to the ease of interaction between the guests and our actors. We want our guests to fully submerge themselves in our performances and with all the clues available and the right questions-they will be able to solve the “crime”.

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Togas and Tiaras
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Togas
It is 125AD. Baccus has just been appointed Proconsul of Britain and Baccus is hosting this party to celebrate. But what happened to the previous Proconsul, Homer? ... read more
Too Many Cooks
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Chef Outifts
Tonight is the Gala dinner being held before filming starts for the finale of TOO MANY COOKS, with an important invited audience of which you are a member. Steve ... read more
Twas The Night Before Christmas
Genre : Christmas
Optional Dress Code : Christmas Party Wear
It is Christmas Eve 1987 and you are part of Smartoys staff Christmas party.  This year, Fiona Smartley-Price (Smartoy’s CEO) has extra cause to celebrate ... read more
Who Did in Dandini
Genre : Christmas
Optional Dress Code : Pantomime Characters
Crumpton Regis Amateur Players have just finished their first ever production, the pantomime and are celebrating with an end of show party!! But despite hiring ... read more
Who Saw Someone Killing Santa Claus
Genre : Christmas
Optional Dress Code : Christmas Party Outfits
Benton’s Department Store is having a Christmas party to celebrate owner Arthur Benton’s birthday, which incidentally, is on Christmas Day. Arthur always ... read more
Zoe's Second Wedding
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Wedding Outfits
You are invited to the wedding reception of Zoe and Mike, to congratulate them before they jet off on their honeymoon to Greece. However, with past enemies rearing ... read more
Zombie Appreciation Society
Genre : Spooky
Optional Dress Code : Zombie/Living Dead
You are kindly welcomed to the Z.A.S. Annual Dinner (Zombie Appreciation Society for short!) Tonight, is about celebrating everyone’s shared interest in the ... read more
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