The Plots....

Our repertoire is constantly expanding and currently stands at over 100 original plots; this satisfies both our repeat customers and keeps things fresh for the actors and company. We love to perform our murder mystery plots in all sorts of scenarios and with so many guests coming back to watch our events, it is vital we continue to keep new plots and keep our new and existing audiences guessing.

In murder mystery every show we produce, the characters are realistic and relatable, which instantly adds to the ease of interaction between the guests and our actors. We want our guests to fully submerge themselves in our performances and with all the clues available and the right questions-they will be able to solve the “crime”.

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The Joker
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
Kelvin Crunden is one of those annoying people who love practical jokes. He is harmless enough and just wants to have a bit of fun, but he is planning a big spectacular ... read more
The Night Stalkers Journal
Genre : Spooky
Optional Dress Code : Ghosts, Vampires etc
A journal has been found in the cellars of Hockton Hall. It apparently details the chilling account of one man’s hunt for a Vampire. Written many years ago ... read more
The Police Station
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Police Costumes
Sgt Catherine Yardley has arranged the annual party for her colleagues at the local provincial police station. Every year out of politeness, she invites the chief ... read more
The Practice
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Doctors and Nurses
Dr Alan Parfitt is senior partner of the local surgery and is retiring tonight. The Doctor is a well - respected pillar of the local community and also works with ... read more
The Retirement Party
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
Join Thomas Quentin as he retires as accounts manager from Carnell Hydroware. But is Thomas happy to retire or has he been forced out?  Who wants his job enough ... read more
The Spitfire Fund
Genre : 1940s
Optional Dress Code : 1940's Style Outfits
The year is 1941. Britain stands alone and is up against tremendous odds. Everyone is prepared for an invasion and patriotic fever is at its height. Lady Rose Bramble ... read more
The Time Machine
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
Ben Chronos has been a member of Killinton Inventors’ Society for many years and is adored by the other members, but his brother thinks he is more than a ... read more
The Toy Boy
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Wedding Outfits
Mary Langford has been widowed twice, but they were both long and very happy marriages. So you’d think she’d be content with her memories. Sir Robert ... read more
The Trainee
Genre : Present Day
Optional Dress Code : Standard Party Wear
International Information Ltd is holding an event for all their staff to introduce their newest colleague, but it’s no ordinary welcoming. Having won the ... read more
The UFO Spotters Club
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Aliens
Join Kevin Wood, chairman of the Upton Costley UFO Spotters Club at what promises to be an extraordinary and historic meeting of the organisation. In the local ... read more
The Wedding Reception
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Wedding Outfits
Guests are invited to join elderly, upper class Bertrum Wallace-Smythe and his young, unsophisticated bride, Zoë Matthews, at the evening reception to celebrate ... read more
Togas and Tiaras
Genre : Fancy Dress
Optional Dress Code : Togas
It is 125AD. Baccus has just been appointed Proconsul of Britain and Baccus is hosting this party to celebrate. But what happened to the previous Proconsul, Homer? ... read more
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